We are very excited to once again offer haunted attraction owners across the United States the unique opportunity of being part of our book, The Fright Seeker’s Guide to Haunted Attractions …And Other Horrific Things 2019. This book is a fascinating collectors item for Halloween/haunt enthusiasts and also brings awareness to the many various types of haunts (charity, home/yard, commercial, etc…) across the country. Our book is the FIRST and ONLY book available to strictly feature entertainment/Halloween based haunts along with additional horrific info, activities, and awesome advertisements. The books are sold both online and at haunted attractions as souvenirs (available to haunters  and other retailers in wholesale packages).

We are accepting submissions from all types of haunts (operating in the 2019 season) within the United States. Whether you own a yard/garage haunt or a multi-million dollar attraction, we would like to know all about it and possibly showcase it in our 2019 Fright Seeker’s Guide to Haunted Attractions …And Other Horrific Things. It’s COMPLETELY FREE TO SUBMIT your haunt write-up! The book will be available in summer of 2019.

How & What To Submit:

To make your submission, send us the following items by email…

  1. TERMS OF SUBMISSION acknowledgement (See below)
  2. Contact information (Your name & email address)
  3. The following three items (This is what will be reviewed for publication)…
    1. Haunt details (Name, location, dates/times of operation, website address, owner’s name)
    2. An article/story about your haunt (300-900 words) (This MUST be written in second or third person and could include facts, history, backstory, when/where/why/how your haunt started or anything else you want people to know about your attraction. MOST IMPORTANTLY… It should either be entertaining or inspiring to the reader… Not just informative.) **Please DO NOT include information that you may potentially change prior to the haunt season. This could include your haunt theme or other specific details. Remember it will be too late to change it after the book goes to publishing, so just be sure that you are going to be happy with whatever you submit.
    3. No more than six photos of/from your attraction. (Do not brand every photo with your logo & must be at least 300 dpi)

Please copy and paste the following to the top of your submission:

I agree that: (1) I am at least 18 years of age; (2) I am the copyright holder/owner of this submission and its contents (including photographs or illustrations) and have the legal right to submit this work/haunt description for publication; (3) Horrific Things and its owners/agents are fully authorized to publish this submitted material in any format they should choose (print, digital, etc…); and (4) Horrific Things and its owners/agents are under no obligation to approve/publish my submitted content.

**Your submission will NOT be accepted if the above terms are not included.

Send all items in one email in the above order
Accepted formats: Body of Email, PDF or Word Document


Please thoroughly proofread your submission and email it to: frightseekersguide@gmail.com

You can expect to hear from us within a few days to confirm that we have received your submission.



There are several different ways you can write your haunt feature. It can be a completely fictitious backstory or a true account of how your haunt came to be. It can be as short as two paragraphs or it can be a multiple pages. Here are some examples (Click the thumbnails to view full page):

Acres of Terror
Acres of Terror 1 Acres of Terror 2

Wisconsin Scaryland

Wisconsin Scaryland 1 Wisconsin Scaryland 2 scaryland3

Dead Zone 805
Dead Zone 805

Carpenter's Mortuary Spook House

Carpenter's Mortuary Spook House 1 Carpenter's Mortuary Spook House 2 Carpenter's Mortuary Spook House 3


The photo featured on the cover of the book is chosen from one of the haunted attractions featured in the book. Therefore, when you submit the above content for review, we may select one of your haunt’s submitted photos as a candidate for the cover.


Advertisements are NOT FOR SALE and it is COMPLETELY FREE TO SUBMIT! Ads are chosen for the book based on the uniqueness of the business, how well it relates to the Halloween/haunt/horror industry, how well it is designed and space availability within the book. To submit an ad, please CLICK HERE for more info.

Here are some ad samples:

Halloween Hot SauceKreepsville 666Halloween Comic FestGatlinburg's Mysterious Mansion


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email frightseekersguide@gmail.com