King’s Island’s Halloween Haunt Memories – featuring Evan Lain (The Overlord)

My favorite amusement park, King’s Island in Mason, Ohio (owned by Cedar Fair), opened its doors for the 2018 season on Saturday April 14th (Sorry… This video was supposed to be up on Thursday). In honor of their opening day, I wanted to do an episode to both remember past Halloween Haunts and build excitement for the 2018 Haunt season! I was very honored to have Evan Lain, “The Overlord” of Halloween Haunt at King’s Island, join me to reminisce the awesome thrills and chills that Halloween Haunt has to offer.



Todd Anderson is a serial entrepreneur, author, magician, ventriloquist, YouTuber and enthusiast of all things haunt, horror and Halloween. He is the creator and publisher of The Fright Seekers Guide to Haunted Attractions ...And Other Horrific Things. His YouTube show, Horrific Things, is all about Halloween, haunted attractions, horror movies, comics and lots of other random "Horrific Things." When he isn’t on stage performing or recording YouTube shows, he is probably either hanging out at King’s Island in Mason, OH, working on a new book or sleeping. Todd and his wife, Heidi, have five kids (four girls and one boy).

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